Monday, October 1, 2007

Message from the entrepreneur

I´m BlueHorseshoe, the founder of fonfund, containance and the co-founder of CouchTycoon at the same time.
The fonfund is my personal micro-project that shall show the opportunities CouchTycoon offers. What fonfund does is to buy one "la fonera" and one "la fontenna" that will be installed at a place with high wifi traffic potential. So any wifi equipped "alien" (as calls users who are not in the community) can be a potential fonfund customer as every alien can buy a ticket for 3 €/$ for use of our hotspot. That´s it. fonfund buys and installs one hotspot and earns (hopefully) revenues through payed use.
What YOU can do is to directly participate in the fonfund business and crabwise participate in the success of Buy a fonfund Asset Slip and the total investment amount with me as well as the total earnings of this tiny "venture". With one Asset Slip you can give one vote on what to do with the earnings for example! Shall fonfund re-invest the earnings in more hotspots or do you want the earnings payed out?!..

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